From renovations and updates to ground-up construction, Dumann builds spaces that increase your value


Commercial Leasing

Secure the right investors or tenants for your development, even before construction is finished


Marketing and Communications

Attract investors or tenants through marketing services that generate positive awareness and make your property even more desirable to your target audience


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Developer Solutions

Developer Solutions
  • Presenting creative new opportunities to maximize profit margins for developments
  • Supporting intelligent decisions with deep insight and hands-on advisory to increase revenue
  • Presenting the right buyers for the most expedient path to profitability

Dumann Associates understands developers’ needs and provides solutions that help create value, increase profits and achieve bottom line success. We help developers evaluate off-market opportunities for developments, discretely market property to qualified buyers, or help quickly fill properties with the right tenants for long-term profitability. Our architectural, design and construction solutions complement the strengths of developers for speed-to-market advantages.


Trusted Advisor: Our team of experts collaborates with developers to understand your goals and find creative solutions, from off-market opportunities to innovative ways to market properties.


Advanced Decision Support Technology: Our advisory services combine our deep industry expertise with research-based data to identify the right opportunities and equip developers with the information they need to intelligently act upon them.


Integrated service approach: We streamline our customized solutions and offer the full range of services to support developers, with services that range from research and advisory to architectural services, construction, leasing, and property management.

Our services for developers include:

  • Commercial Leasing: We work with developers to find the right tenants to generate high income for your property.
  • Architectural: We help plan and provide the architectural services to build a successful development.
  • Construction: We help developers create spaces that are functional, attractive and generate income.
  • Interior Design: We design spaces that engage and attract buyers or tenants.
  • Investment Sales: We help you find the right investors for your development.
  • Marketing: We offer the right marketing solutions to connect you with the right investor or to attract tenants.
  • Legal Services: We advise on contracts, litigation and other legal matters.