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Marketing and Communications

Dumann Associates proactively engages our client’s target audiences to raise awareness, generate interest and support their business goals through communications.

We go well beyond merely hanging a sign on a property to announce representation and placing classified listings in newspapers. We develop a comprehensive communications strategy that builds your brand to attract buyers, tenants and investors. We aggressively reach your target audience through direct marketing, public relations, advertising and marketing communications. As a result, we help you deliver the right message to positively influence your key audiences, generate interest, shorten deal cycles and accelerate business.

Proactive Marketing Benefits:
  • Dumann Associates marketing services help landlords and owners attract the right tenants for profitable, long-term relationships. We helps developers and sellers find buyers and we help property owners build positive brand awareness for long-term success.
  • We collaborate with our clients to develop the right message set and strategy to effectively reach and educate your target audience.
  • We leverages our own decision support technology and exclusive data to identify highly qualified prospects for effective direct marketing campaigns.
  • Dumann Associates helps our clients develop Websites, brochures and marketing collateral that have an impact and clearly communicate your differentiated messages.
  • We help our clients reach target audiences and raise visibility through positive media coverage that is highly credible and influential.
  • We provide discrete marketing services for sellers and investors involved in off-market transactions.