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Investment Sales

With a sharp focus on ROI, Dumann Associates specializes in connecting real estate investors with the right sellers to structure and source the most profitable deals, including exclusive, off-market properties.


Through our established relationships across the real estate and finance spectrum, we are able to support each step of the transaction. We focus on the marketing and disposition of all property types, including retail, office, hospitality and class-A multifamily properties.

Investor Benefits:
  • We introduce investors to unique opportunities, such as exclusive investment properties before they hit the market.
  • We provide in-depth research and hands-on advisory to source the best properties and provide the right options to meet long- and short-term investment goals.
  • Our integrated services allow us to customize solutions that maximize return on investment, including leasing services and solutions that increase post-sale property value.
Seller Benefits:
  • Dumann Associates accelerates the sales cycle by targeting qualified buyers and discretely marketing the investment property to them, including off-market real estate.
  • Our research and advisory services helps us connect sellers with the right buyers for the shortest path to profitability.
  • We help owners make the right capital improvements to their properties to make them more marketable.

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