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Tenant Solutions

Tenant Solutions
  • Identifying and qualifying the right location for your business
  • Negotiating the best value for tenants
  • Streamlining the process, from lease negotiations to business opening

These are some of the solutions we provide to our tenants, taking advantage of our full set of tailored services to increase the value of your business. Each solution brought to our clients is driven by a highly skilled team of real-estate professionals that coordinate our services to your needs.


Integrated Service Approach: We streamline the opening of our clients’ business with a full set of services designed to get your establishment opened quickly, efficiently and most successfully.


Trusted Advisor: We provide hands-on advisory services and negotiate with property owners for the most beneficial deal for both parties.


Advanced Decision Support Technology: With the most accurate information in New York, we can quickly identify multiple options and help tenants pinpoint the right location and negotiate the best long-term deal for your business.

Our services for tenants include:

  • Commercial Leasing: We work with owners and landlords to find the best space for your business.
  • Architectural: We help plan and provide the architectural services to build a successful space.
  • Construction: We build spaces that are functional and attractive – the foundation of a successful business.
  • Interior Design: We provide designs that engage and attract customers to your business.
  • Legal Services: We advise on contracts, lease signing, litigation and other legal matters.