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Interior Design

Dumann Associates designs highly engaging interiors that attract customers, buyers and tenants while providing maximum comfort and functionality.

We help owners enhance their property value and make capital improvements stand out. For developers, we create spaces that are aesthetically pleasing to help accelerate unit sales or appeal to the right tenants. And for commercial tenants, we create exciting retail environments that draw customers in.

Interior Design Benefits:
  • Dumann Associates helps our clients realize their vision with interior designs that are interesting, functional and within budget.
  • Through our space planning services, we help clients see the multiple options for creating an exciting environment.
  • We are able to help our clients control the overall look, feel and mood of each space with designs and lighting solutions to help attract customers.
Dumann Associates Interior Design Services Include:
  • Program development
  • Space Planning
  • 3D Modeling
  • Materials Selection
  • Lighting and Finishing
  • Test Fits
  • Efficiency and Utilization Analysis