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Property Manager Solutions

Property Manager Solutions
  • Reducing day-to-day expenses to achieve greater profitability
  • Administering tenant relations, maintenance, financial and reporting activities
  • Leveraging the full spectrum of Dumann’s real estate services

These are several of the integrated solutions that Dumann Associates provides, helping property managers to improve efficiencies in property administration and increase profit margins. We provide both advisory and direct property management services to ensure the most cost-effective methods in managing day-to-day operations. In addition to property management solutions, Dumann Associates provides a comprehensive portfolio of real estate services to help make your clients more successful.


Operational Efficiency: We create value for property managers by streamlining the approach to managing your business, utilizing our knowledge of your business and experience in managing other commercial properties around New York.


Trusted Advisor: Our team of expert property management specialists works with businesses and your tenants to provide advisory services, while listening to your needs and helping to find solutions that work.


Integrated Full-Service: Dumann property management services work with our integrated team, collaborating resources to provide the highest quality and most cost effective way to get projects completed.

Our services for property managers include:

  • Property Management: We provide tenant relations, maintenance, financial and reporting services.
  • Construction: We offer development services that increase the value of your property.
  • Legal Services: We advise on contracts, evictions, litigation and other legal matters.