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Dumann can provide advanced cost estimates that help tenants understand the total cost of the deal, leading to more closings.  Find out how we can help


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Broker Solutions

Broker Solutions
  • Boosting your revenue with quick and efficient co-brokered deals
  • Increasing your deal size with Dumann’s value-added services and full solution approach
  • Reducing the deal cycle with Dumann’s streamlined approach

Dumann Associates is the go-to partner for brokers looking to increase revenue, expand deal size with value-added services and provide the best real estate solutions to their clients. We work closely in partnership with entrepreneurial brokers to develop the best possible solution and jointly close deals. We constantly seek the win-win with solutions that benefit all parties and provide the best services to our mutual clients.


Trusted Partner: We work with enterprising brokers seeking solutions that lead to faster, more efficient deals that benefit all parties.


Integrated Service Approach: Our comprehensive portfolio of services is attractive to your clients and can help to expand deals.


Advanced Decision Support Technology: Our decision support technology helps us partner with brokers and provide the right information for the best deals.

Our services for brokers include:

  • Commercial Leasing: We work with brokers for lucrative co-brokered deals that are mutually beneficial.
  • Marketing: We offer the right marketing solutions to close the deal efficiently.