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Dumann Design & Build offers the full range of design and construction services through our single point of contact which results in completing your project more quickly and efficiently.

We streamline the solutions for all of our projects, leveraging our architectural design and construction teams that are with you for each step of your project.

We can handle every aspect of the design and build process for you or you can pick and choose the services you need when you need them. No matter how our clients choose to work with us, we are committed to ensuring we offer maximum value and exceed expectations.

Packaged Solutions


Custom Designs: Dumann architectural services and interior design specialists work with your business to build and create a customized space that specifically meets your commercial and consumer needs. With experts that bring an integrated approach to our full service set of solutions, we build the space you need to attract customers and more business.


Office Space:  Dumann designs, plans and executes the construction of many configurations of office space featuring elegant and spacious public areas, high quality materials with graceful lines and state of the art multimedia ready spaces. Many of our office space configurations feature a modern and spacious feel complete with lobbies, conference rooms, offices, cubicle bays, kitchens and/or employee lounges.


Retail and Condominiums:  Dumann develops the ground up construction of luxury living spaces in popular and flourishing neighborhoods. These designs include amenities from ground-floor retail spaces and commercial offices to standard and luxury condominiums. We provide the full range of development services, from architectural planning and design to the construction and internal & external finishing of a project.


Green Designs: Dumann’s green building initiatives rigorously follow all New York sustainable building codes while going a step further to ensure that our clients are receiving the most cost-effective construction quality that will maintain an efficient and environmentally friendly atmosphere. We utilize the most effective energy saving utilities and construction materials that also save your business money and increase value in the long term. By improving the overall site location, design, construction quality, maintenance and waste removal, Dumann helps to reduce the negative impacts on both human health and the environment.


Pre-Built Office Space: We provide office solutions that are flexible and profitable, from the larger 20,000 square foot business solution to the economical 2,000 square foot office space; Dumann creates professional, state of the art working environments. Offering the full service solution of construction services we will build the physical space to desired parameters, install all piping and wiring including phone and data connection set-up, and provide property management services to support your business. Once completed, our pre-built office space solutions allow for immediate occupancy at affordable rates. With the option to go large or small in your office development solution, we offer advisory services that help in choosing the solution that is most profitable for you.


White Box Service: Dumann construction services bring your business the option of a simple and popular solution to your retail space needs. Our white box solution is one of many options provided to clients desiring spaces that are efficient to build, flexible for tenant needs and can open quickly, increasing the potential for profitability. This popular solution is particularly attractive to new and small businesses requiring less capital for investment and a more customizable space for both tenant and landlord.