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Interior Design

Interior Design

Dumann Design & Build’s full-service business model brings a high level of value to our interior design services. Our in-house interior design partnership brings spatial planning strategies to a higher level of service by incorporating it into the entire design and build project.


From the architectural design stage to building and construction, Dumann interior design services incorporates a multi-tiered process to bring you the best possible appearance and use of your space.


Collaboration: Dumann works with landlords, tenants and developers from the start to understand their vision and to be certain that the interiors are designed for aesthetics and comfort, while ensuring the provision of optimum efficiency, functionality and sensitivity to cost. We involve our clients in the design process from the initial planning stages to opening day, providing office environments that help to encourage the advancement of more positive, creative and productive employees. By collaboratively working with you through our in-house services, and not outsourcing, we ensure that our clients receive high quality service with individually tailored results.


Effectiveness: Dumann’s interior design services are balanced with every aspect of our complete integrated solutions that include program development, space planning, 3D modeling, materials selection, lighting and finishing, test fits and utilization analysis. The efficiency in streamlining the interior design element with other aspects of the design and build process gets your plans complete punctually and at cost for both office and retail spaces. We can provide these services for all of your design and build needs, including retrofits, renovations and new construction.


Attract: Dumann provides you with detailed solutions in creating an attractive workspace that helps to bring in customers and clients to your business. Our interior design team understands the specific requirements and goals in terms of functionality for your business. We tailor each design to your preferences and budget, creating the most effective and aesthetically pleasing environment.

Let us help you evaluate your needs. For more information, please contact our build division at 212-505-6828 or email us at build@dumann.com.