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Architecture and Engineering

Architecture and Engineering

Dumann Design & Build engages in projects of all scopes and sizes, from ground-up building construction to the re-design of an individual retail space or simple “white-box” configuration.

Our highly skilled design team provides in-house architectural services, bringing unique solutions to your real estate development project. Whatever the task, we’ll lead you through the entire project, from the initial design consultation right up to opening your doors for business.


Design: In providing a culture of thoughtful realization, economic and environmental sustainability, and community integration we support each step of the process while taking into account all aspects of the development process from within your company to how it affects those interacting with it. Your development aspirations are brought to reality through collective planning collaboration and then through the creation of digital and physical models. A shared understanding of objectives throughout the project allows for a more complete visualization and manifestation of the desired production of space and design.


Speed: Dumann is the partner you need to bring your architectural ideas to life quickly and efficiently, providing professional design guidance and planning services ranging from architectural drafting and 3D modeling to the expedition of paperwork and filing of permits. We pay close attention to detail throughout the entire design and build process, aided by our streamlined process of guiding clients through each step.


Profitability: We improve the profitability and quality of our clients’ property environment through insight and thoughtful design techniques and are able to analyze and understand spatial parameters, identifying undetermined factors, using these constraints in creating unique design solutions. We create the planning solutions model that brings your business success. Dumann Design & Build are leaders in imagining, exploring and finding solutions that fit your business needs for successful commercial ventures. Our creative architectural design firm functions seamlessly with all Dumann advisement, realty, construction and interior design teams; bringing your business profitability more quickly.

Let us help you evaluate your needs. For more information, please contact our architecture division at 212-505-6300 ext. 228 or email us at architecture@dumann.com.