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Case Studies

Emergent Digital Media Services Company

While expansion is often a good problem for a business to have, it can also be painful. A digital media services company discovered this when just two years into its commercial lease, it had already outgrown its office space. In need of a larger location to accommodate growth, as well as another business to take over the existing lease, the company turned to Dumann Associates.

The Dumann team quickly found a new office space just a few blocks away that was four times larger than the previous location and within the company’s budget. Further, Dumann found another company to assume the old lease, removing a significant financial burden. With a new space secured, the Dumann Design & Build team began working with the company to provide space planning and design services.

When the company experienced financial difficulties mid-deal, Dumann acted to keep the transaction alive, negotiating with both the landlord and the other company taking assuming the old lease to provide our client with time to get their finances in order. Dumann’s full-service solutions approach allowed us to guide our client through the entire process and keep the deal on track, despite the complexity and challenging negotiations.

By the time the deal closed, the Dumann team had completed the initial ground work and was ready to start the new office renovations, streamlining the process to help our client move in quickly. By providing an integrated solution, the company didn’t need to find and coordinate with multiple vendors and deal with the headache of coordinating and managing them throughout the process. Dumann Associates saved the company time and money, while making the whole process feel almost easy.

Established Camera Shop

An established New York City camera shop located in a heavily trafficked area was notified to vacate its location when the property owner sold the building to developers. Less than a block away in the same neighborhood, Dumann Associates had already been working with a commercial property owner in an even more accessible location. In quick response to the camera store’s request, Dumann was able to negotiate the new and more suitable location, where the business could continue to thrive, attract tourists and serve its local customer base.

Dumann Associates brokered a lucrative deal that was beneficial for both the property owner and the tenant, while also providing services to help expedite the move-in process. Beyond the lease signing, Dumann helped the property owner develop a capital improvement plan to renovate the building, attract other successful tenants and ultimately increase the overall property value. The Dumann team was able to complete the capital improvements ahead of schedule and then help the property owner quickly fill vacancies, creating a thriving new location in the heart of a key tourist district.