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Dumann Design & Build construction services focus on commercial property development of all sizes, working with landlords and property owners to build the most appealing, functional and profitable spaces.

Our full-service solution simplifies the process of design and construction to the final project inspection. We provide the option of utilizing all or several of our construction management, general contracting, demolition, foundation development, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and interior/interior finishing services.


Planning: Dumann offers the best valued construction services as a complete and integrated package customized to individually suit your needs. We act on the receptive exchange of ideas between our construction, architectural, real estate and design teams with our clients. This process helps you to evaluate various options that affect cost and time to completion, fine-tuning your desired solution.


Construction: We bring you the services that you need, whether requiring building renovation or ground-up construction. Our Dumann construction crew is fully trained and certified to accomplish your development project.


Value: Dumann Design & Build construction provides the best value for your investment in readily combining needed services under one roof. We have in-house solutions that provide architectural, real estate, legal, and construction teams to advise and provide service to your development goals, bringing them to completion faster. Dumann’s streamlined process delivers excellent results within projected timelines and within budget.

Let us help you evaluate your needs. For more information, please contact our build division at 212-505-6828 or email us at build@dumann.com.