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Research and Advisory

Dumann Associates enables our clients to make the most intelligent and informed decisions through a combination of our in-depth research and hands-on advisory services.

Our advanced decision support technology provides the best commercial real estate information in New York. Our team of on-premise experts is tightly integrated to provide the industry expertise needed to advise our clients through each stage of the real estate lifecycle, leading to the most successful solutions.

  • Our decision support technology provides the most current and accurate information in New York.
  • Dumann Associates can quickly estimate value, assess risk and identify new opportunities as they arise.
  • We don’t sit in the office and wait for data – we canvas the streets block-by-block and have a deep, intimate understanding of New York, down to micro-neighborhood trends.
  • We work with our clients to develop a comprehensive strategy for reaching their business objectives, and through our integrated services team, can advise and quickly execute through to completion.