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Client Solutions

Client Solutions

Dumann Realty provides solutions for our clients to build long-term relationships and create value.

From in-depth research and hands-on advisory to space planning and all of the services needed to complete the transaction, we have solutions to guide our clients through each step and help them meet their business goals. In fact, Dumann Realty’s solutions are integrated with Dumann Design & Build services to provide post-lease signing solutions that enable success.

We operate exclusively in the New York Metropolitan area, and through our advanced decision support technology, have a unique understanding of the opportunities for our clients. Some of our solutions include helping:


Owners & Landlords find the right tenants for profitable long-term relationships, accurately price spaces to be competitive, develop creative solutions to attract desired businesses and quickly fill vacancies.


Investors discover new opportunities -- including real estate that is off market, assess the upside and downside for potential deals and make the best possible investment for long-term value.


Developers maximize their value by attracting buyers, finding lucrative tenants for commercial space and providing services to enhance and increase the value of the development.


Tenants pinpoint the best locations for their business or new branch, understand creative ways to utilize the space and develop long-term relationships with building owners.


Brokers land new deals by partnering with Dumann to help the owners, landlords and developers they represent quickly find the right tenant and conversely helping the tenants they represent find the best location for business.