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Tenant Representation

Tenant Representation

Dumann Realty partners with tenants, providing deep insight on current and emerging trends combined with hands-on advisory to find the right location in New York for your business.

Our advanced decision support technologies provide us with detailed information, allowing Dumann to offer the best options. We help forge strong, long-term relationships with property owners to help you establish a successful, ongoing business.

Our tenant solutions go well beyond lease signing. We are able to provide up-front planning and design services, such as space planning to help tenants understand the different options for each location. That team will continue to provide solutions, including design and build services post-lease signing to help tenants efficiently set up shop and open for business.

Let us help you evaluate your needs. For more information, please contact our realty division at 212-505-6300, or email us at realty@dumann.com.