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Dumann Associates was established to provide real estate solutions that create value for property owners, landlords, investors, developers and tenants.

Over the years, we have maintained a steadfast commitment to helping our clients become more successful by continuously seeking and developing new ways to better support them.

From our experience in the New York real estate industry, we observed that most firms are only able to offer a portion of the overall solution, such as leasing services or construction. Clients are forced to work with multiple contractors, vendors and companies to piece together their solution. The end result is a process that is typically inefficient with numerous vulnerable ‘weak links’ that can slow the overall project and significantly increase costs.

We observed that our clients could benefit from having a single point of contact or an account manager with full accountability through all stages and with the ability to expedite and streamline the overall process. As a result, we have regularly added new services based on emerging client requirements, leading to our full-service solutions approach that supports our clients through the entire real estate lifecycle – from pre-lease research and planning to lease signing, design, construction and even long-term property management.

We developed our client-focused solutions approach to build long-term relationships, serving as a trusted advisor to deliver exceptional value and service that motivates our clients to want to work with us over and over again. We are committed to continue to evolve and incorporate new capabilities according to needs and shifting industry trends as they surface.